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Día de los Muertos

Acapulco, Mexico 🇲🇽

The Day of The Dead - Mexico City.

Though the weather is insane, I braved through Acapulco's seemingly relentless heat during Dia de Los Muertos to show everyone the beauty that Mexico has in store for everyone.

Yes, I'm well aware that Acapulco's crime rate has skyrocketed over the past few years. And yes, I'm aware that pickpockets and petty thieves are more likely to steal your belongings right before you reach your hotel room. But, you couldn't fault a city because of the people that live there alone; you still couldn't deny just how much culture and beauty is packed into the city. It isn't one of Mexico's leading tourist spots for no reason - Acapulco's beauty and culture encompass the negatives to create one large positive.

The day I visited Acapulco during Dia de Los, Muertos was the day I realized that Mexico is much more than beautiful beaches and amazing spectacles; Mexico is also a place that's rich in culture and customs that has been around for thousands of years. Especially when it comes to Dia de Los Muertos; it's a spectacle of what Mexico has in store for everyone.

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