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Fall of serenity

Lac-Beauport, Québec, Canada 🇨🇦

On a beautiful Canadian summer day, I decided to take a little ride on my motorcycle near my home. The foliage was in full bloom and it is really at this time of the year that one can admire all the beauty and richness of nature in full efflorescence.

By crisscrossing the small roads next to the Lac-Beauport, I noticed this lovely little stream and the tranquility with which it followed its path. Nature takes its course every day, never missing a beat. The ebb and flow of this lovely creek, from its humble beginnings to its inevitable end reminds me of human life in one way or another, from our beginnings to the setting up of our lives, step by step, until our inevitable end, just like this little stream. Some of us reach the end of our journey without any problems, having lived a fulfilled and richly experienced life, while others stop at an unexpected, premature moment. What matters most is what we have achieved in the middle, how we have led our lives, and what we have contributed to all those we have met along the way. The important thing is to leave an objective and inspiring trace of our passage on Earth for our loved ones, our entourage, and the next generations.

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