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Fly landing on Lucifer

Notre-Dame-des-Laurentides, Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

Flowers most often symbolize love but also several other feelings. They can signify a mark of friendship, good news, the celebration of loved ones, the commemoration of the departed, a thank you... They awaken the senses thanks to their beauty, elegance, colors and shapes without forgetting their fragrance. Flowers allow anyone who offers them to express multiple emotions.

The Crocosmia is native to South Africa, more known for its heat resistant plants rather than cold. However, during the ice age, the mountains of this country were covered with snow in winter and even invaded by glaciers, transforming this herbaceous bulbous plant into a hardy species in temperate regions. The Crocosmia Lucifer likes the climate of Quebec City unlike the Montreal area where the snow cover is unreliable.

Lucifer has quickly become popular because of its fiery red tubular flowers that open into several lobes on an arching stem, attracting hummingbirds and other pollinating insects. Plant your bulbs in the spring! When they bloom in midsummer, they'll put on a spectacular show and enhance the beauty of any garden or flower bed, revealing showy blooms and excellent cut flowers.

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