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Jacques-Cartier River Park

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Stoneham, Québec, Canada 🇨🇦

That moment of the day when everything becomes calm and serene again. This precise moment that nature has chosen to stop in order to enjoy the rest and thus let itself be admired in all its splendor. As the wind slows down, the water turns into a mirror, letting the elements shine through and offering a grandiose spectacle to those patient enough to appreciate the marvelous attractions of these wild territories.

The Jacques-Cartier National Park is home to one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Quebec; the spectacular Jacques-Cartier Valley. This valley has a drop of more than 550 meters where a river meanders, sometimes calm, sometimes agitated. On its high plateaus, the coniferous forest dominates while the hardwoods settle at the bottom of the valleys. An inspiring nature, which breathes peace.

The Jacques-Cartier Park is managed by the Quebec government has a mission to protect a representative element of the Jacques-Cartier Lake massif, north of Quebec City. It also protects the Jacques-Cartier Valley, which is considered an exceptional element.

The two main activities in the Jacques-Cartier Valley are hiking and canoe-camping. The 26 km canoe circuit runs down the Jacques-Cartier River between La Jetée and the southern entrance to the park. In winter, hiking, snowshoeing and Nordic skiing are available. Winter biking (fat bike) is also available between the interpretation center and the Pont-Banc.

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