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It is through magnificent photographs highlighting the most beautiful sides of life on earth, taken on travels around the world, combined with personal reflections, quotes or ways of thinking from inspiring authors, that Planet Illustrated hopes make you travel, and make you discover the world from another perspective. 


PI would like to stimulate your mind with powerful images inspired by nature, different societies and life on earth, sharing with you a nomadic vision on life.


Planet Illustrated wants you to realize that your dreams, goals or ambitions are accessible and achievable if you believe in them. Our goal is to lead you towards this life full of meaning which will lead you to more achievement, success and fulfillment.


Knowing that happiness is the result of all action oriented towards our goals, Planet Illustrated would like to guide you along the path of freedom.

Nom, titre

Chaîne de montagnes


Hello, my name is Christian, I am 39 years old and I come from Quebec City, Canada.


From a young age, I have shown a marked attraction for the exploration and discovery of our planet.  I am passionate about travel and adventure. It is through these activities that I have developed a keen interest for photography, a hobby that has changed the way I look at the world. 


I created PI in order to share my passions for travelling, photography and personal growth which are my main sources of inspiration. I also wish to create a community that has the same interests, with whom I can share my experiences, my knowledge, and thus contribute to the collective good on earth.


Through PI, which also means Possibilities Infinite, I hope to help you realize that everything is possible when you believe in it, and I would like to transmit you some of the methods, principles, and philosophies that have helped me in my progression towards  freedom.


I wish to make you travel by sharing with you photographs taken during my travels around the world and perhaps inspire you to realize your ambitions through my experiences.

Let's keep in touch.

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