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Gold number

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The golden ratio is a number equal to (1+√5)/2, or approximately 1.618 and corresponds to a proportion considered particularly aesthetic. 

It appears in Greek thought with Pythagoras at the turn of the 6th and 5th centuries BC. 

This proportion, for many artists such as Leonardo da Vinci or Le Corbusier to name only the most famous, would give the key to the harmony of a work of art. 

According to some, the Greek artists of Antiquity deliberately used the golden section, or golden section, to trigger the emotion of the spectator. This would explain why the architecture of classical Greece - the Parthenon, and the Propylæa - addresses our senses so wonderfully. 

In geometry, the golden section is used in the construction of various figures, including the starry pentagon and the convex pentagon (pentagram), the reference figure and rallying sign of the Pythagoreans.

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