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Happy Hour in Cernavoda and Romanian Gastronomy

Cernavoda, Romania 🇷🇴

In Romania, there are no service hours. You can eat or drink at any time of the day. Want a beer at 10am? A soup at 2pm? A cutlet at 10pm? No problem! The food and drinks reflect the multicultural character of Romania and bear the mark of Roman, Tatar, Hungarian, German, Russian, Greek and Turkish invaders. The cuisine is rich in flavors, linked to the peasant roots and very influenced by the seasons.

The Romanian national dish consists of small rolls of marinated and stuffed cabbage called sarmale. It is basically an assortment of meat, rice, herbs and spices, all wrapped in marinated cabbage leaves or vine leaves depending on the season. Traditionally, they are served with mamaliga (polenta) and drizzled with a dollop of sour cream. The star of Romanian soups is the one and only "ciorba de burta", the tripe soup. Despite its name, which leaves many tourists confused, it is a very popular dish among Romanians. Another very popular dish in Romania is a mixture of minced beef, mutton and pork seasoned with garlic called Mici. Looking like small sausages without skin, they are a must in any self-respecting Romanian barbecue.

While Romanian cuisine is quite varied, traditional drinks do not follow its example. In Romania, beer is cheap. The most famous local brand is Ursus, produced from natural spring water. Another important drink, especially during the communist period, is Braga, a refreshingly tart and sweet drink made from fermented millet, corn or rye, served with pretzels. The Afinată, meanwhile, is a natural liquor obtained by macerating carefully selected blueberries, accompanied by pieces of whole fruit in each bottle. The Tuică is a traditional brandy made from the distillation of plums, a 40% pure alcohol. Many Romanians living in rural areas produce both of these drinks. Romania is also a major wine producer, and some of the best vineyards produce late harvest Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. There are also many mineral water sources throughout this beautiful country to discover.

Poftă bună și sănătate!!! 🍽🍻

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