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Existing or Living?

Battambang, Cambodia 🇰🇭

The terms "existence" and "life" seem, at first glance, equivalent. If we refer to the definitions given by most dictionaries, to exist is to live, and to live is to exist. However, these two words can mean two very different things.

Take this monkey photographed in Cambodia, for example. Obviously, he is alive. He lives his life as a primate with no other concern than to get food and to reproduce, day after day. Like his fellow creatures, he has no sense of urgency in what he does every day. This is, in fact, what it means to exist. It's letting life lead us, in an established order, without too much artifice or contingency.

Like this animal, most humans just exist, leaving their dreams and ambitions aside, either out of ignorance, fear or lack of ambition, while others decide to live! Some people are born with this thirst for adventure, for discovery, for this insatiable need for accomplishment. These are the inspiring people who dare to break out of society's molds, who bite into life, who take risks and who are not afraid of failure.

It is honorable to be unwaveringly yourself, no matter who you are. Your sexual orientation, your beliefs, your appearance, your social position or your age should not prevent you from being yourself. No matter what, you just have to be you. Living does not mean that you have to just exist. You also need to know and accept yourself fully with all your strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfill yourself fully. Living life to the fullest should be the ultimate goal of every individual. Achieving your ambitions and goals should be part of a full life. No human being should come to the end of the road with regrets. On the contrary, they should leave this world with a sense of pride and accomplishment.


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