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Autumn Natural Art

National Park of Jacques-Cartier River, Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

Nature never ceases to dazzle us in all seasons, but particularly during the fall. She dresses up in her most beautiful attire and offers us a panorama of the most colorful, revealing landscapes worthy of the most beautiful works of art. Oceans of trees with sparkling colors, beautiful fresh and sunny days, the ground crackling under our steps because of the dead leaves, not to mention the smell which is comforting and in the image of this magnificent time of the year.

The change in leaf color is related to the lack of light. It occurs when the days get shorter. The reduction in light then leads to a decrease in photosynthesis and a decrease in chlorophyll in the leaves.

Maple is the champion of fall colors. It produces a mixture of burnt orange, bright yellow and fiery red. The leaves of this sumptuous tree are the most prized by hikers eager for spectacular photographs.

Quebec is full of places where it is possible to admire this symphony of warm and vibrant colors. The intensity of the colors varies according to the time and the place. Generally, the best period is between September 23 and October 15, but the foliage already begins to tint in mid-September.

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