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Lucifer: The Gate of Paradise

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Stoneham, Québec, Canada 🇨🇦

As the mid-summer season comes yet again, the hummingbirds flock into my garden yet again for some reason. And then, I realized that it was because of these luciferous plants that grow right in my backyard.

Though they aren't exactly a breed of plant that's endemic to Canada, watching them grow is still a magnificent sight to behold. Looking at them like this, I realize that these plants are much, much more than what the eyes can see.

Their name might make them seem like they're a plague to a garden, an ungainly, red sight in a vast ocean of pretty pastels and elegant yellows. But seeing these flowers in bloom are the complete opposite of what you would expect - they add a dash of unexpected charm you'd never get to see normally in a garden, and add it in an inconspicuous, yet beautiful fashion.

These Luciferous plants are incredibly photogenic, and I take great pride in capturing their beauty above all else. Its beauty is sure to enhance any flowered area, no matter what.

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