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Gypsies of Romania 🇷🇴

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Cernavoda, Romania 🇷🇴

This spring, I had the opportunity to work in Romania.

Despite the Covid restrictions, I had some wonderful opportunities to explore the surroundings of Cernavoda, a small industrial town of 20,000 inhabitants located by the banks of the Danube, which is the second-longest river in Europe.

In this picture is a family of Gypsies, who kindly accepted to pose in front of their home. Eight families live in this single residence, which is flooded every year because of the overflow of the Danube.

Gypsies, also known as Roms, Romi, Manouches, or Tziganes represent approximately 3.3% of the Romanian population and are characterized by an itinerant lifestyle, living widely dispersed mainly throughout Europe and South.

What's charming about the gypsies of Romania is the fact that they choose to live their lives like that and are unashamed to do it. And I personally think that we should all pursue that kind of thinking; to live unashamedly like ourselves, 100% of the time. That way, you'll be living your life in the best way for yourself every single day and appreciate what life has in store for you.

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