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Smile of a Dragonfly

Stoneham, Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

Dragonflies have long been described as magical creatures, with some authors declaring them as fantastical as a fairy.

Light as the wind, these graceful insects with their lovely wings symbolize the balance, power and self-awareness that comes with maturity. They represent the very nature of the winds of change that blow messages of wisdom and light. They are also deeply connected to spirituality and luminosity. When you notice them, it can remind you to bring a little more lightness and joy into your life. These damselflies teach us the true value and meaning of life: happiness.

The dragonfly is an odonate insect with a round head, bulging faceted eyes, elongated body and four transparent ribbed wings. Depending on the species, some are red, blue, yellow, green, brown or black, others have metallic reflections. They live near water.

There are nearly 4870 species of dragonflies in the world. There are 194 species in Canada, including 131 in Quebec.

Contrary to popular belief, dragonflies do not bite or sting. Exclusively predatory, they feed mainly on winged insects. Did you know that some dragonflies can fly up to 50 km/h? Their front and back wings are independent, which allows them to fly on the spot and even backwards. However, their wings do not fold, which makes them vulnerable to predators and accidents.

"Smile, to see the lake lay the sky still and reflected the mountains in the eye of the dragonfly."

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