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The Ecuadorian girl on the hanging bridge

Chugchilán, Quilotoa, Ecuador 🇪🇨

What characterizes a child is the ability to be amazed by everything. Unlike the adult who is marked by his beliefs and past experiences, the child is exclusively guided by pleasure, curiosity and enthusiasm. He learns everything, discovers everything. It is probably childhood that comes closest to real life. There are many days when we would do without the responsibilities and complications of adulthood to rediscover the lightness and carefree spirit of our tender years.

Children are generally zen beings. They live in the here and now. Living in the moment, being spontaneous and curious, is a way to reconnect with others and find happiness. Happy people are often those who have kept their childlike heart despite the trials and tribulations.

However, not all children in the world are born in the same conditions. In some countries, poverty and lack of resources can make their development more difficult without affecting their thirst for discovery or their vision of life. A child's innocence is not in his or her naivety or curiosity. It is in their ability to see the world in its purest form. Each little being in the making has the power to find happiness, despite events that are sometimes harsh or unimaginable.

This little girl crossing the perilous suspension bridge in Ecuador demonstrates exactly what we are talking about. She can go forward without any problem not because she is brave or not afraid of heights. It is her positive outlook and her ability to adapt to her environment that guides her to the other side.

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