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Old Man in Vietnam

Vinh Binh, Vietnam 🇻🇳

Though the scars of the war that plagued the land more than 43 years ago have started to recede, the people that lived long enough to tell the tale would like to suggest otherwise.

The older we get, the more wisdom we invoke. But, what would happen if one of those includes a war that aims to shake up the country that you've sworn allegiance to? What would happen if you've lived through a war that's been glorified in countless films over time, without saying your point of view on an issue you've known your entire life? Indeed, they must know what you've been through. But alas, the world continues to go on without listening to your story.

You tried to forget about that dark, dark chapter in your past. But none will do. You have to continue going on, carrying all of the memories that you've made. No matter how painful or hard it is. Because that's what life is, and what it's all about - to carry on with our lives, no matter how hard it gets or wherever it may lead us.

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