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Sight capture of the Silent Flow on Jacques-Cartier River

Jacques-Cartier River, Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

The Jacques-Cartier River, named after the French explorer Jacques Cartier, is a river that runs through Quebec to just 30 km upstream. Its peaceful stillness and alluring beauty captivate you into diving into its cool waters.

Its silent flow and peaceful atmosphere are a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the big city and to relieve your thoughts away from the daily grind. Somehow, a still image of the Jacques-Cartier River is able to bring a touch of peace and serenity.

As I slowly walk my way away from the kayakers and the regulars of the nature reserve, I took this still image of the river and was greeted by this amazing sight. In the same way a connoisseur masticates on wine from a fancy chateau, I take everything I see and gently reflect on this lovely view. You don't get to see these sights every day - so I took out my camera and just appreciated the view before I snapped a shot.

It was all worth it.

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